Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hiking from Mexico to Canada

My sister is on a really long walk right now.  It will take her approximately 5 months to hike 2,627 miles from Mexico to  Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail.  Maggie quit her job as a pediatric nurse in Seattle, donated her gorgeous hair to Locks of Love, then spent a couple weeks dehydrating food and packing 14 boxes to be mailed to various towns along the trail.  She will be walking through desert (watch out for scorpions and don't run out of water!), over mountains (storing her food in a bear vault), and going through several pairs of shoes as her feet swell up to two sizes.  She started the trip alone but will meet all sorts of interesting characters along the way, including "trail angels" -- people who live near the trail and bring food and supplies for the through-hikers.  

If you want to hear all about her adventures, check out her blog at  Don't I have the coolest little sister ever?  

Right before Mags left we went on a quick hike at Palmer Park, only 15 minutes from home and right in the middle of town.  Baby weighs nearly as much as her backpack, so it was good training.  We did the Kinnikinnik trail, which begins just west of the dog park near the Maizeland entrance.  The best part was the "picnic area", which lead us to beautiful views of Pikes Peak.  Near the end of the trail there is a great pavilion with a dozen or so picnic tables that would be perfect for a larger gathering.  This is a good trail for kids (I've gone with a 4-year old!) because there's plenty of shade, fun little side-trails leading to caves, and rolling hills rather than a straight climb up a mountain.  

My mom, Holly, with Baby and me at the picnic area of Kinnikinnik trail.

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