Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Tricks Videos

Baby does lots of tricks.

1. Sticking her tongue out
2. Clapping
3. Shaking her head "no"
4. Throwing her arms up and diving backwards, sometimes when we are not expecting it

5. Eating finger foods
6. Weirdly squishing her cheek into her shoulder, which unintentionally creates one squint-eye

7. Being extremely cute (we did this to her twice, and the first time she was much more pleasant about it but it was not caught on tape)

We love you, Baby!


  1. Leg, I love it! isn't blogging the best?! claire looks so amazing and precious. i hope i get to see you all soon. ...and thanks for putting valentine on the side in your blog list!

  2. Hey Beast! It's been a long time! Your daughter is simply adorable! Hope you guys are doing well!

  3. YAY! you have a Glob (as we like to call it). Little Claire is the cutest thing ever! I am typing with one hand while bouncung to keep baby Jo Jo happy...incidentally he is wrapped in that swaddle blanket you gave us, that thing totally rocks! anyway, cool glob :)

  4. Your blog is beautiful!