Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby's First Birthday Party

Three weeks later I'm finally getting around to posting about Baby's birthday. It reminds me of my college newspaper days (advertising, not reporting -- obviously) with our slogan of "bringing you yesterday's news tomorrow".

We just had a few family members over to celebrate, partly because we have a small house and partly because Baby doesn't have any friends to speak of yet. I borrowed a "ball pit" from my friend Cindy for Baby's enjoyment while opening gifts, and she really raked in with a bike trailer, books, clothes, and toys.

Call me crazy, but I'm one of those moms that never let sugar pass those sweet little lips until she turned one (although I'm sure she developed a healthy addiction during the pregnancy and from mommy's milk). Here she is enjoying a huge piece of chocolate cake. I will spare you the torture of listening to everyone sing "Happy Birthday" and just include a couple seconds of pigging out.

On Baby's first day home from the hospital at the age of 3 days, I remember tearing up thinking about how this precious little angel would soon be growing and walking and talking! Well, we haven't quite hit the walking milestone yet, but it's amazing how much she has changed. I'm proud of surviving the first year of mommyhood and having a blast getting to know Baby's cute little personality.

In this next video, try to ignore the part where she stabs herself in the eye with a knife, ok?

Happy Birthday!

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