Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

On Sunday, we had to wake up Baby from a nap when it was time to go to church.  I HATE waking up a sleeping baby, since to me, every nap is a miracle.  Nick and I tiptoed into her room and somehow our presence didn't automatically wake her up.  I realized that it's been so long since I've gotten to see Baby sleeping!  When she was just a few months old, we would sneak into her room every night for a "Baby Viewing".  Eventually, she became a lighter sleeper and we are no longer that brave.  I thought I'd dig up some old pictures of our Sleeping Beauty just for fun.

At the hospital when Baby was one day old.

The drive home from the hospital.

A "baby nap" with Daddy.  I miss those!

Baby always sleeps with her "dukes up".

Enjoying a nap in the baby sling.

Baby can't fool us when she's tired.  She rubs those eyes like crazy!

Sunday's interrupted nap.  Would you want to wake this angel up?


  1. Oh man! I know what you mean! I don't have to worry about church until September and I'm sure it will be a moral struggle when I do :) she is such a cute little baby! Her younger pictures remind me of Joey, they grow so fast.

  2. They are mixing bowls! I love that they have hangers on them.
    I will keep the blog updated on my garden :) I mostly love to find as many colors as I can for things. I didn't know there were red carrots until this year, I knew about purple ones from last year. It will be cool!