Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Cloth Diaper Update

Most of you probably won't care about this, but I feel like I should post a quick update on how the cloth diapers are working out for us. I was thrilled about them last time I mentioned it, but we have had a few problems since then and I don't want anyone to take my earlier recommendations without knowing the whole story.

After a couple months without problems, Claire's Flips started leaking about one or two times per week. Also, even when they didn't leak, her diapers often smelled of urine because the insert would be soaked through to the cover (Nick would say "She smells like a New York subway!"). I finally realized that the manufacturer recommends to use two cloth inserts for toddlers, and I had been only using one. Once I started with two, we didn't have any more leaks. This is something to keep in mind because you may need to purchase twice as many inserts with this system once your baby grows into toddlerhood.

There has been another problem with all of the different brands and styles that I've tried (I purchased some one-size pocket style diapers in addition to the Flips). Claire has very sensitive skin, and the waterproof outer covers rub against her upper thighs, irritating her skin quite a bit. I can't think of any solution to this other than perhaps putting cotton panties on over the diaper. However, we've stopped using the cloth diapers altogether for now in an attempt to simplify my life while Liam is in the newborn stage. I will probably continue using disposables until Claire potty trains, hopefully within the next couple months. I'll try using the cloth diapers on Baby Liam once he is about 3 months old and no longer going through a million diapers a day. Hopefully the covers do not irritate his skin like they did for Claire.

There's a possibility that this has been a failed experiment and a waste of money. I really didn't mind washing them -- I had a good routine going -- but the main problem was the cover rubbing against Claire's skin. I hadn't read about that happening on any forums while I was researching the topic, so I would imagine that most babies don't have that problem.

Have any of you tried cloth diapers? What did you think?


  1. I'm glad you updated on this, I've been meaning to ask you about it. I seriously considered doing cloth diapers, but seeing we're most likely on our last baby...I just wasn't sure. I would have loved to do it from the start, but now I feel a little better that I'm not going to do it now. I still think they are a great idea and I hope things will work out with Liam.

    And, if you ever want, I'd love to *practice* and take pictures of Liam for you. And BigGirlClaire. :)

  2. I finally got caught up on all your posts! I can't believe your garden, it looks about a billion times better than mine! I'm hoping mine will catch up some day, but maybe this year isn't it's year. I will put up pictures soon.
    And it's good to know about the cloth diapers. I'm curious to see how you like them with Liam. He is such a cute baby! I'm glad I have a moby wrap for when I have two, that looks like it works great!
    Say hi to BGC for me :)