Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Garden

Let's check out my veggie garden in June. Now, I don't bother weeding around the perimeter of the garden -- so just ignore that, ok? :)

One of the two zucchini plants.

One of the two groups of purple beans (like green beans, only purple).

One of the four rows of basil. Still just little guys!

A few of the nine tomato plants. They are starting to get yellow flowers now.

Four rows of radishes. They are popping out of the ground -- but I don't think I've ever eaten a radish in my life. I don't know what to do with them! Between the rows are rows of carrots, but you can hardly see them. For some reason, my carrots aren't doing well this year.

One of the hills of cucumbers.

You can see nearly the entire garden in this picture. I'm standing where the lettuce and mesclun were planted...none of which came up! I have no idea what the problem is; we've had tons of lettuce every other year.

From left to right: One of the three bell peppers, a row of shallots, and two of the eight broccoli plants.

My special little garden helper!

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