Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brother and Sister

Let me just say, I really admire newborn photographers! I'm having a tough time getting shots that show how cute this little guy is.

You may remember that Claire's nickname was "Baby" for her first two years of life. We thought that might be confusing when the new baby arrived, so we've been making an effort to teach Claire that she's a big girl. Now, she refers to herself as "BigGirlClaire". For example, "BigGirlClaire eat snack? BigGirlClaire play outside?". It's pretty cute. Nick and I now refer to her as BGC when she's not around because we're weird like that :).

A big yawn :)

A little smirk.

Baby Liam has been the sweetest little thing ever! He sleeps really well (but likes to stick to a 2-hour feeding schedule at night...hopefully that starts to stretch out a bit soon, but at least he's sleeping between feedings!). He rarely cries and is easily soothed. He has been a wonderful addition to our family.

A proud daddy showing off his swaddling skills!

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