Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hiking at Florrisant Fossil Beds

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It turns out that it's nearly impossible to find a stroller-friendly hike in our region. Please let me know if you are aware of one! I did find a hike in Florrisant, about a one-hour drive from my home on the Northeast side of town. Take Hwy 24 west from I-25 past Divide, then turn left on Teller County Road 1. Florrisant Fossil Beds, a national park, is located just a couple miles down this road on the West side of the street.

We were joined by my friend Angie and her beautiful 3-year-old daughter (our photographer was sure to get a close-up of my camera case in the foreground). We decided that it would be best to find a hike that is stroller-friendly. The trails at Florrisant Fossil Beds are all wide, relatively smooth, and have little or no elevation gain, so it was perfect for our kiddos.

We walked the Petrified Forest Loop (1 mile) and the Ponderosa Loop (.5 miles). Dispersed throughout the park are several petrified redwood stumps. In the one pictured above, there are still a couple rusted saw blades stuck into the stump where people once tried to move it. We came across several educational signs describing the prehistoric landscape, animals, and plants. Kids can become a Junior Ranger by following a workbook provided at the Visitor's Center, earning a badge at the end of the program.

Baby fell asleep at the exact same time that she does every day at home.

There is a $3 fee per person (over age 16), but they have No Fee days coming up this weekend, August 15-16. Check out their website for information about guided nature walks and fossil evacuation demonstrations.


  1. Leigh thank you for finding this place and for all the time and effort you put into finding a stroller-friendly hike. :)

    We had a great time being out in nature with you and your sweet cutie-pie Claire!

    Can't wait for another hiking adventure!

  2. Hey Leigh! Sorry, I never check my food blog these days :) I actually haven't done any research on milk yet. I'm not drinking milk right now because it seems to upset Joey's tummy. So I don't know what I will decide when he can drink cow's milk. I think if we can afford it I want to get organic milk, but if not, then I will probably succomb to the man and buy the cheapest brands :)