Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted any updates on Baby! I thought I'd share about her "lovey", a stuffed bunny that she adores. When Baby was about one year old, she began carrying this bunny everywhere, sleeping with it, and kissing it on the lips whenever possible. She has decided that its name is Mon (think Jamaican accent here). Based on its name, I think it's safe to assume that Mon is a boy bunny.

About 50 times a day, she will lose Mon and go into a panic. Usually, it means she just left him in another room, so she will walk around the house calling for "Moooo-oooon! Mooo--ooon!" and go running up to him with a huge smile once he's found. She also brushes his hair with her hairbrush, teaches him how to walk, gives him rides in her little car, and showers him with love and affection.

During our family pictures at Target before Mon came to save the day.

After Mon arrived (still no smiles, though).

With Mon at her one-year portraits. He was significantly less mangy then.


  1. That's the sweetest thing ever! I love the before and after shots, very telling :)
    At least Mon is pretty...not like a lot of baby toys :)
    I need to get Joey a stuffie one of these days, all he has now are his spit-rags - so glamerous.

  2. That is so cute. She is definitely a lover not a hater. Hopefully that means she will be this sweet to the baby!