Saturday, December 12, 2009

Local Restaurant: The Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery

Now, I have to warn you...this restaurant is expensive. Unfortunately, we will probably not be returning often. But if you're looking for a unique eatery for special occasions, The Warehouse is amazing!

I was a little bit too excited about Nick's company holiday party this year. Hire a babysitter? Get dressed up? Eat fancy food? I'M IN! The Warehouse is located in downtown Colorado Springs at 25 W. Cimarron St. Despite its name and humble exterior, expect a classy ambiance once you step inside. This is what I ordered:

Peppered Elk Tenderloin with Mountain Mushrooms ($36): Marinated in dark beer and rosemary hoisin, grilled and finished with a creamy concoction of brandied morels, chanterelles and criminis, bacon crumbles and shirred lingonberries

It was absolutely heavenly. And for dessert:

Black and White Chocolate Pâté ($8): Rich dark chocolate truffle with white chocolate brownies, nougat crème anglaise, blackberry sauce and pistachios

Bon Appetit, Springs locals!

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  1. OH sure...put a blog like THAT up when all I have is tomato soup!!
    That sounded like the best food I've ever heard of! Are sisters and their families invited to future company parties? please