Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We have an official toddler now!

I've been meaning to post a really cute video of Baby for at least a week now, but have come up against a couple roadblocks: (1) our computer was fried by lightning (I heard a loud bang during a thunderstorm that sounded like it actually hit our roof, but there was no damage so it likely struck nearby), and (2) I can't figure out how to upload the video to our new computer.

I also don't have any new pictures but just wanted to share the news that Baby took her first independent steps today! What a relief! At 17.5 months, she's been grudgingly "walking" while holding our hands for a couple weeks now, and recently it's seemed that she is perfectly able to walk, physically, but is only lacking the confidence to strike out on her own. Well, today she seemed to have discovered some inner ambition because she couldn't stop saying "walk, walk, walk, walk, walk" as she requested help. I was excited when she took two steps from the wall to my hands, but didn't get my hopes up too high yet.

I moonlight as a secret shopper (sweet gig), so I left the house when Nick got home from work to go pick up our (free!) dinner for a carryout assignment. I was only gone for a few minutes, and while I was waiting for my order, I got a text saying that Baby was walking all by herself! Apparently, she walked across the living room and kitchen several times. Nick said that she looked more stable on her own than the wobbly girl we're used to holding hands with. I rushed home, but by then it was nearly bedtime and she didn't feel like performing. I can't wait to see if she'll do it again tomorrow!

So for those of you moms with full-time jobs who might be sad about missing the big milestones, like those first steps, rest assured: it happens to stay-at-home-moms too.

Congratulations, Baby, on reaching this exciting milestone! Hopefully I'll post some video or pictures soon!

Swimming on Labor Day.

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  1. Oh yeah! A walker! And sorry you missed it:( She's going to be so excited to try out her new found skill!

    And you'll have to let me know about that secret shopper job. I tried it a few times. But I never got anything free. Usually had to buy something and then return it later. And didn't get paid much at all. In fact, I think I spent more on gas driving to and from (usually to the Outlets in Loveland).