Saturday, October 31, 2009


What kind of a mom forgets to charge the camera battery on Halloween and is therefore limited to a couple blurry pictures? Sorry about that. Here's our sweet little chicken:

She was just happy to have her paci outside of bed (which is against the rules!). We constructed the beak out of orange paper and scotch tape about 5 minutes before we left to go trick-or-treating.

At least we were prepared for a snowy holiday! Instead, we had beautiful weather and a chicken who kept saying "Hot. Hot. Hot." So she ended up just being chicken-legs-sweaty-hair-beak-girl.

Happy Halloween!


  1. That is so funny!! She looks SO cute with that little Beak! What an ingenious idea :) And of course this was the ONE Halloween that didn't snow in Colorado! Figures.
    We dressed Joey up as He-Man...hopefully pictures will be up soon :)

  2. She looks so cute in the chicken costume! So glad to hear that you guys didn't have a snowy Halloween.