Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three Springs Mom 'n Pop Restaurants

I had intended to do little restaurant reviews with this blog, showcasing local establishments because it seems that every single restaurant in my neighborhood is a huge, boring chain. I keep visiting my old favorites without a camera, so that is why I haven't done any posts about restaurants yet, because who wants to read about delicious food without pictures to drool over? Hopefully, you do! I'll highlight a few in case my Springs readers need to get out of a restaurant rut.

3739 Bloomington St. Colorado Springs, CO 80922 (in the Target shopping center)

Please visit this place, OK? I really, really want them to stay in business. When I think of Thai food, I think of the Thai Pepper in Fort Collins where Nick and I went for one of our first dates and many times after. Nothing has been able to live up to that place until we stopped by Arharn during their opening week. Check out these pictures of their cute, modern decor. Their crab cheese wontons are superb, and I ordered the Chicken Satay the first few times we went. I finally broke that addiction and tried the Massaman (yellow) Curry because I love the combination of potatoes, peanuts, and curry. Nick has ordered the Pineapple Curry and Noodles with Yellow Curry, both delicious as well. The Homemade Coconut Ice Cream is creamier, more flavorful, and less sweet than typical American ice cream. The owner, Pong, is very friendly and happy to explain everything on the menu; you can tell that running this restaurant is her dream come true.

Oh, did I mention the prices? Ridiculously inexpensive. I'm talking entrees for $6.50. It's cheaper than Chick-fil-A, please go there!

4037 Tutt Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80922 (across the street from Joann Fabrics on Tutt)

Nick's parents lived in Germany for several years for his father's career, and we visited them in 2005 only to discover that German food is possibly the best food in the world. Seriously. Schnitzel Fritz just opened recently, so we took Nick's family there this weekend to check it out. I ordered the Jaegerschnitzel, a thinly-pounded and breaded pork, pan-fried, with mushroom gravy for $6.99. Perfection. It came with a traditional fried potato side dish (the name has escaped me), and Nick couldn't resist the apfelstrudel with not-too-sweet vanilla sauce for dessert.

Baby was being her typical "restaurant baby" self, spilling water, chucking food, and hollaring to her heart's content, so Nick's sister Elise walked her around for a bit. An older gentleman came up and asked her if "he" was a little German boy. Not wanting to engage in a lengthy explanation about how girls can also wear green onesies (with pink flowers, I might add), Elise played along. The gentleman commented that "he" will surely grow up to have a baritone voice.

4820 Flintridge Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (just North of Flintridge and Academy)
Thanks, Mary, for the suggestion!

The most important thing I can say about Taste of India is this: go for lunch. They have an incredible daily lunch buffet for $7.95; you can sample most menu items without attempting to pronounce the names first. If you decide to go for dinner instead, visit their website for a $1 off coupon. Of course, the best part of any Indian restaurant is the Naan and the Mango Custard, and we probably should have paid the buffet price for Baby too because she ate her fair share of both. Nick and my dad love the Butter Chicken, which is "marinated in ginger, garlic, yogurt, spices, cooked with fresh tomatoes, butter, and cream". I always love their fried vegetable pakoras and dal turka (creamed lentils). We wondered if the owners' entire extended family eats there every day for lunch, as we always see the same large group having the best time.

My Baritone Baby.

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