Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reading Baby

Baby has always loved books. She'll often refuse half a dozen toys before deciding on a nice board book to skim instead. I think it's really cute when she holds the book up properly and turns the pages one at a time. Sure, sometimes the book is upside down, but at least she looks like she knows what she's doing.

Yesterday, she decided that it would be fun to take all of the books off her bookshelf. Now, it's my understanding that your typical 13 month old takes great pleasure in causing destruction. Baby, on the other hand, tends to be more laid back; she took each book off the shelf, one by one, and read it cover to cover before moving on to the next book.

She definitely prefers grown-up books if she can get her hands on one. Whenever I read aloud to her from some novel I am reading, I always give her a beat up old paperback to play with because a board book just will not do.

This is a never-before-caught-on-camera "Squish-n-Squint". Weirdest baby ever. For some reason, several months ago she started squishing her cheek into her shoulder, causing one eye to unintentionally squint. It's become a form of greeting now, where she will do separate squish-n-squints for Nick and I just to say hello.

To my mommy friends: The library has a baby summer reading program this year, did you know that? You read aloud to your infant or toddler for 15 minutes each day and complete one activity, such as naming Baby's body parts or singing a song (stuff you do all the time anyway). Each week, Baby can earn a little prize like a picture frame or board book. Also, if you've never been to Baby Time on Monday mornings, check it out! It's for babies under one and a great way to meet other moms (if you get there early, that is -- they limit each class to ten moms and babies, and spots fill up fast!).


  1. Hi Leigh! Cute blog! I love how you call your baby, well, baby! And I'm really excited to keep up on all your Colo Springs finds.

  2. I love the Squish-n-Squint shot! Good job :) That's so cute that she likes her books. And what a cool library program! I'm excited for when Joey can go in public places.
    I was looking at your past blogs and that last hike looked beautiful! We were jealous!