Monday, March 15, 2010

I LOVE Cloth Diapers!

Baby has been wearing her new Flips cloth diapers for a few days now and so far...

No leaks!

No stains!

No lingering smells!

And they're as cute as can be!

Funny girl!

Because I only bought one Day Pack to start with, I've been laundering them every evening. I just ordered more and should be down to two loads of laundry per week once they arrive. Based on advice found online, I decided to start with the simplest possible laundry routine. That way, if we run into problems down the road, such as a lingering odor or stains, I will have plenty of tools available to try. I use the dry pail method, simply tossing used cloth inserts into her diaper pail (lined with a cloth bag) until laundry day. I start the load with a short/cold wash and a small amount of detergent (I use All Free & Clear because she has sensitive skin), followed by a hot wash and more detergent, and ending with an extra rinse. I lay the covers flat to dry and dry the inserts in the dryer, although I will hang them outside to dry in the summer.

If we run into problems, we'll try adding baking soda or vinegar to the wash, commercial stain and odor removers, and even hanging them in the sun for several hours (supposedly the best way to remove stains).

One thing that I was nervous about was...let's face it...getting solid waste into the toilet. Nasty. Well, I bought the bumGenius diaper sprayer and it works great! No dunking and swishing is necessary.

The diapers fit perfectly. They appear a bit more bulky than disposables when worn alone, but when worn under pants she doesn't look any different. In fact, she still fits into all her usual clothes, including jeans!

I also tried the disposable inserts, and they are OK. They seem a bit too thin, but we haven't had any leaks yet. Luckily, Flips covers can hold any brand of inserts, so if these don't work, we can always try another brand.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. I think this system is going to really work for us and save us tons of money! Plus, it's nice to have a little less guilt about contributing so much non-biodegradable waste to our landfills :).


  1. I am so excited that you love these!! I am really going to consider them after the baby arrives. Yeah!! So keep updating with all your little tips;) And they are so cute. But it could just be her;)

    And just a tip for you-if ever needed, I add borax to most of my washes (in a teal box by the clorax stuff). I have found it really helps clean and get rid of odors (think stinky, damp rags) and it's all natural. (Along those lines of vinegar and baking soda.)

  2. My friend took hers apart and figured out how to make her own...just a thought to save even more money once new baby arrives!

  3. Awesome! I'm so glad you did this! I will follow suit once we have a washer and dryer! They are so cute!