Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby's 15 month checkup

For those who care (family and friends), I thought I'd share Baby's stats from her 15-month checkup. For those who don't (random people who have stumbled upon my blog), sorry!

Let me clarify one thing first: Baby does have a real name. It is because of that second group of readers, potentially psychos (no offense), that I have censored her given name and replaced it with her nickname, which actually is Baby. She probably responds more quickly to Baby than to the name on her birth certificate, in fact.

Baby is 30 inches tall (37th percentile) and 21 lbs. 14 ozs. (36th percentile). Her head circumference is still gargantuan at 48.5 cm (98th percentile). "It's like an orange on a toothpick!" (So I Married and Ax Murderer fans, anyone?).

Baby was always a tiny bit behind in her gross motor skills for her first 9 months of life, which her doctor attributed to her large head being too heavy for her body to maneuver around. No problem. But then, between her 9 month and 12 month checkups, she didn't learn any new gross motor skills. This is the time when most babies are crawling all over the house, standing and cruising against furniture, and for many, taking those first steps. Baby could sit up on her own (when propped up to sitting) and she had just begun an awkward "combat crawl" before her birthday. However, she was right on track in every other way (communication skills, fine motor skills, etc.), so her doc prescribed some physical therapy to get those muscles moving.

The physical therapy was a bit difficult for Baby at first. Once she realized during that first session that she would be forced to do torturous exercises, she would start screaming the second we walked into the building and not stop until the second we left. We didn't get much accomplished during her first 3 or 4 sessions. Finally, she began to loosen up and play with some of the neat toys they have, and she also warmed up to her PT. The weekly sessions are as much for my benefit as hers; the PT instructs me on new exercises every week for us to work on at home. Baby has since learned to sit up from a lying down position, pull herself up to kneeling (and standing, more recently), climb stairs, and the biggie, crawl! The crawling stage is very important so I was absolutely thrilled when she slowly, deliberately crawled for the first time (a bit wobbly!).

Baby's first time swimming. She wouldn't put her hands underwater and was teased by Grandma and Grandpa.

I am now a huge fan of early intervention with physical therapy. Her diagnostic evaluation showed that our 12-month old had the gross motor abilities of a 7-month old. Sure, that doesn't seem too horrible, but she was growing bigger by the day and her muscles just were not keeping up with her size. It was important that we do something early to help her catch up to her peers. Today, the main skill that she is lacking is walking, but believe it or not, there are plenty of 15-month olds who haven't taken those first steps yet. She'll get there soon enough.

Have I mentioned that Baby doesn't have any teeth, either? Her doc was surprised but not concerned. He said we'll send her to a dentist to see what's up if they still don't arrive by 18 months. I guess that my baby just wants to stay a baby as long as she can! Sounds good to me.


  1. Wow she is the coolest baby ever. And I love the garlic post -- didn't know you'd done all that! You are a real gardener! Sure didn't get that from me!
    I don't know why my comment has to go under Anonymous -- it's MOM!

  2. Sheridan didn't walk until almost 15 months. She was completely toothless until almost 13 mo. when 6 came in at once. (I don't wish that on anyone!) Bald until 3. See, the real beauties wait until they're a little older.
    BTW~I'd love to borrow the OAMC cookbook if you don't mind.

  3. I'm still toothless and I'm 37! My mom didn't take me to Physical Therapy until I was 31. The therapist recommended that I move out of my mom's basement and get rid of my weapons (I don't know what that's all about).
    I really want to know what your baby's real name is....really REALLY REALLY want to know!! heh...heh..he.

  4. Just Kidding...that last comment was just from us (Elise and Danielle) We thought it would be funny :) And a little creepy.
    Danielle's here visiting me for a few days and we were looking at your blog. She thinks it's awesome for putting her artwork on your blog. You rock :)
    And baby is s'darned cute! We loved the update! And we won't give away her real name!